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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.


ODEON is a hand-held logger and readout dedicated to water quality control measurement in the field or the laboratory.

A combination of ruggedness and digital intelligence, ODEON offers reliability and flexibility.
Combined with sensors, it can measure up to 7 physiochemical parameters.
With PHOTOPOD, it becomes a photometer able to analyse more than 40 additional parameters.
ODEON is available as two different versions: OPEN ONE with 1 sensor input and OPEN X with 2 sensor inputs.

• Large graphical backlit display
• Memory Capacity: 8 MB – up to 100,000 measurement records
• Ergonomic design: shock resistant and waterproof: IP67
• Plug and Play: Automatic recognition and self-diagnostic for probes
• Reads Optical Sensors (Oxygen, Turbidity) and electrochemical (pH, ORP, temperature, conductivity)
• Over 40 parameters with photometry using the Photopod


• Transfer and data analysis software
• Rechargeable Version with 220 V charger
• External 12 V Power Cable
• Y cable for 2 digital sensors on one input
• Sensor coupling Accessories
• Reels: 20m and 100m
• Enhanced suitcase equipped with a 12V battery
• Cable lengths: 1m / 3m / 7m / 15m (other lengths available on request)
• 125 mL Standardised calibration solutions

Smart sensors DIGISENS:
• 7 parameters (pH, ORP, Temperature, Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity, Turbidity)
• Calibration data (factory coefficients, offset, slope) stored in the sensor
• 50 years experience of sensor manufacturing
• Digital Technology for the best reliability of measurements without interference.

Photometer PHOTOPOD:
• Ultra compact and very lightweight
• 5 wavelengths with automatic selection
• Over 40 parameters available
• Fast and easy methods

Memory: 8 MB (up to 100000 records)
Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA (Optional: Rechargeable Battery, External 12V supply)
Battery life: 145-190 hours depending on the configuration
Communication: USB
Housing: PC / ABS
Weight: 400g
Dimensions: 196.5 x 121 x 46 mm
Protection: IP 67
Operating temperature, humidity: -25 to +50°C, 0-70%
Storage temperature, humidity: -25 to +65°C, 0-80%
Display: LCD 240 x 320 pixel display with adjustable backlighting
Connectors: 1 connector: ODEON CLASSIC and ODEON OPEN ONE. 2 connectors: ODEON OPEN X

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