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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

HFD Installation Kit

The Heat Field Deformation Sensor Installation Kit Includes:
- Drill Guide
- 5 x 1.9 mm Drill bits
- 2 x 2.0 mm Drill bits
- 3 x 100mm Measurement Needle Sleeves
- 1 x 120mm Heater Sleeve
- 1 x SFM-IT insertion tool,
- Dow Corning Vacuum Grease and syringe to aid installation & thermal coupling of needle & sleeve to xylem installation
- USB drive with Manual and Software
- MicroSD card shuttle
- USB Cable

HFD Drill Guide
Drill Guide
One Drill Guide.

After removing the necessary bark, the drill guide is attached to the tree with a velcro strap.

1.9mm Drill bit
1.9mm Drill Bits
Five 1.9mm Drill Bits.

Drill bit for most installations

2mm Drill Bit
2.0mm Drill Bit
Two 2.0mm Drill Bits.

Drill bit is used to clean holes in species where the xylem fibres have either not been easily and cleanly cut and relax back into the pathway after drilling or when surrounding fibres expand into the hole and rapidly close up the pathway, making insertion of the needles difficult.

100mm Sleeve
100mm Measurement Needle Sleeves
Three 100mm Measurement Needle Sleeves.

To be inserted into the drilled hole to aid in insertion and removal of the sensors.

120mm heater sleeve
120mm Heater Sleeve
One 120mm Heater Sleeve

To be inserted into the drilled hole to aid in insertion and removal of the sensors

Insertion Tool
One Insertion Tool.

To aid in the insertion of the sleeves

Dow Corning Vacuum Grease

Fill the 10mm Offset Syringe with the grease to create a vacuum seal.

10ml Offset Syringe
One 10ml Offset Syringe.

Use the syringe filled with Silicon grease to smear around the whole of the wound, thus creating a vapour seal

  • HFD Drill Bits 1.9 mm
    HFD Drill Bits 1.9 mm O.D x 150 mm long.
  • HFD Drill Bits 2.0 mm
    HFD Drill Bits 2.0 mm O.D x 150 mm long.
    Set of HFD needles. 3 x Temperature and 1 x Heater Needle.
    HFD sleeve set for one HFD8 logger installation (inclusive 4 pieces) Consists of 3 x 100mm long closed-end sleeves for measurement needles and 1 x 120mm long closed-end sleeve for the heater.