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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

SpectroSense 2

The Skye SpectroSense2 is 4-Channel meter for light sensors.

  • Designed for single channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel sensor types.
  • Can also be used with light sensors from most other manufacturers.
  • SpectroSense2 displays readings from 4 sensors or channels simultaneously.
  • Hold & store functions.

Specifications – Meter

Operating Range -20°C to +70°C
0-100% RH
Construction Black ABS, sealed to IP54
Binder sub-miniature connectors
20 x 4 line LCD
Membrane keypad
Dimensions & Weight 200 x 150 x 70mm (H x W x D)
Power 1x miniature 9 volt / MN1604 / 6LF22
Battery Life: 60 hours
Modes SpectroSense2:
a) 4 sensor/channel display
b) Ratios Display
c) Integration Display
d) Set up modeSpectroSense2+
As above plus:
e) 8 channels
f) Logging functions
g) PC Connection

Specifications – Sensors

Operating Range -20°C to +70°C
0-100% RH
Construction Material: Dupont ‘Delrin’ sealed to IP64
Cosine corrected head
Screened Cable
Dimensions & Weight 34mm diameter, 50mm height.
150g with 3m cable
Detectors & Filters Photocell and Optical Glass
Working Range1 Each sensor is calibrated individually to National Standards2
PAR – 0-3000 µmol m-2s-1
Lux – 0-200 kLux
UVA – 0-100 W m-2
UVB – 0-5 W m-2

1 – All Skye sensors will work at levels of irradiance well above that found in terrestrial sunlight conditions, room or growth chamber lighting, but can be scaled individually as required.
2 – Calibration check recommended at least every two years.

Skye Instruments are world renowned for the design and manufacture of high quality light and radiation sensors for both indoor and outdoor use. Since 1983, much development time has been invested to produce sensors which meet expected and published spectral responses, and all are individually calibrated and traceable to National Standards (National Physical Laboratory, UK).

The SpectroSense2 meter system for Controlled Environments is ideal for quality control audits to check actual light levels and the uniformity of these levels throughout the cabinet or chamber.

It is also useful for monitoring the efficiency of the lighting equipment itself by recording individual lamp outputs over time to decide optimum intervals for replacing bulbs or tubes, or cleaning the reflectors and diffusers.

Controlled Environment sensors are available to measure light in Lux for human or animal use, PAR for plant and crop applications, or ultraviolet radiation in the UV-A or UV-B wavebands for photostability studies. UV-A sensors are usually filtered for use under UV lamps only, but can be adjusted for use under all light sources if required. Please ask for datasheets on the outdoor range of sensors to see the exact response curves for each version. All sensors can be scaled to suit your own range of lighting levels, offering maximum resolution of measurement.

The SpectroSense2 multichannel meter will display calibrated light measurements from up to 4 sensors simultaneously, whilst having a ‘library’ in memory of up to 16 sensors for easy interchange between sensors. There are ratio functions for displaying relative light intensities between sensors, and a Hold button for freezing the 4 line display while reading. The SpectroSense2+ meter version also has logging features for automatic recording over time.