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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Leaf Chambers and Soil Respiration Chambers


CI-301LC-1 Square (25mm × 25mm) LC-1
CI-301LC-2 Wide Rectangular (55mm × 20mm) LC-2
CI-301LC-3 Narrow Rectangular (65mm × 10mm) LC-3
CI-301LC-4 Small Cylindrical (25mm × 90mm) arbotom284
CI-301LC-5 Large Cylindrical (50mm × 70mm) arbotom285
CI-301LC-7 1/4 Liter (104mm × 33mm) LC-7
CI-301LC-8 1/2 Liter (89mm × 66mm) LC-8
CI-301LC-10 4 Liter (180mm × 130mm) LC-10
CI-301SR Soil Respiration Chamber SR

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